Title:                                                                                       Performance Details:

IMAGES OF TREES [1998]                                                9th June 1999, Birmingham Conservatoire  

String Quartet No. 1                                                             Almira String Quartet

15 min.                                                                                    18th and 19th January 2000, RNCM Quartetfest

                                                                                                - Adelaide String Quartet

                                                                                                15th Sept.2001, Stadtwaage, Bremen,

Germany- Zypressen Quartet

9th November 2002, Adrian Boult Hall, B’ham

                                                                                                11th Nov 2002, Fitzwilliam Coll., Cambridge,

13th Feb 2003 Bucknell Uni, Pennsylvania, USA

28th March 2003, York Late Music Festival

10th Dec 2003, Bromsgrove Mixing Music Festival 

17th May 2004, Steinway Hall, London

- Fitzwilliam String Quartet

winner of Birmingham Chamber Music Society Composition Prize 2002


STRING QUARTET NO. 2                                  9th July 2000 Birmingham Cons.

- FOR ELLIOTT    [2000]                                                     19th May 2001, Lyddington Music Festival;

11 min.                                                                                    14th June, 2001 Adrian Boult Hall

                                                                                                - Almira String Quartet

winner of Almira String Quartet Composition Competition 2000


INTRICATE WEB – STRING QUARTET NO 3              10th Dec. 2003 Guesten Hall, Bromsgrove

[2003] 10 mins                                                                       6th Feb 2004 Bucknell Uni, Pennsylvania,


                                                                                                29th Feb 2004 Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge

                                                                                                29th April 2004 Bangor University

                                                                                                17th May 2004, Steinway Hall, London

                                                                                                25th May, St. Petersburg, Russia

29th Oct 2007 Birmingham Conservatoire

31st October 2007 The Warehouse, London Fitzwilliam String Quartet

5th October 2008 Kingsplace London

Brodsky Quartet

commissioned by Bromsgrove Concerts 2003 ,funded by West Midlands Arts under the terms of the Regional Arts Lottery Programme, on behalf of the Arts Council of England


SKY-BURIAL [2005]                                                            29th Oct 2007 Birmingham Conservatoire

female voice and string quartet                                         31st Oct 2007 The Warehouse, London

25 mins                                                                                   Suzanna Purkis – voice, Fitzwilliam String


selected for spnm shortlist



ARANEIS: STUDIES OF                                                    December 3rd 1998, Birmingham Cons.

BRITISH SPIDERS [1999]                                                  March 18th 1999, May 8th 2000, May 22nd

3 pieces for solo recorders                                                 2000 Adrian Boult Hall, Birmingham

11 min.                                                               October 20th 2001, Birmingham University -                                                                                                  Louise Phillips

selected for spnm shortlist 2000-3


A SECTORAL WEB SPANNING                                      18th June 1999, Birmingham Cons.                               AN OPEN DOORWAY [1999]                                        - Robert Birchall - piano, Zoe Rogers - clarinet,                   trio for clarinet in A, bassoon and piano                    Neil Chapman - bassoon

9 min.                                                                    6th November ‘99 The Warehouse, London

                                                                                                New London Wind Festival


CYGNUS [1999]                                                                    24th June 1999, The Spitalfields Festival, percussion quartet                                                                                    London                                 

4 min.                                                                                      Ensemble Bash

                                                                        10th June 2008, Recital Hall

                                                                                                Birmingham Conservatoire

selected by spnm from national call for pieces


TOWARDS THE SEA [2000]                                             5th and 6th May 2000, Stadtwaage Bremen,

trio for clarinet, viola and cello                                          Musik Akadamie Bremen

6 min.                                                                29th June 2000, Adrian Boult Hall

                                                                                                28th March 2001 Birmingham Cons.

                                                                                                - Peter Glenville - clarinet, Rachel Johnson -                                                                                   viola, Liz Johnson - cello

Broadcast on BBC Radio 3 Morning Performance, 22nd May 2001


O VOS (chamber version) [2004]                              11th Feb 2004, Guesten Hall, Bromsgrove

arr. for cl., vibraphone, vln, vc, 3 mins                             Ixion, cond. Michael Finnissy 


O VOS (sax version) [2000]                                                   26th May 2000, Adrian Boult Hall

for three alto saxophones                                                   BBC Music Live Festival Dean Trio

3 min.30 sec.                                                     29th June 2005 Recital Hall, Royal College of Music, RCM Saxophone Ensemble dir. Kyle Horch


TWELVE JEWELS [2000]                                                  19th June 2000, Adrian Boult Hall

for chamber ensemble                                                         - BCMG (Birmingham Contemporary Music

7 min.                                                                                      Group), Workshop conducted by Andrew                                                                                                      Mogrelia               


POND LIFE [2000]                                                                27th May, 2000, Adrian Boult Hall

for recorder quartet                                                              Birmingham

4 min.                                                                                      BBC Music Live Festival

                                                                                                Louise Phillips, Grace Barton, Fiona Smith,                                                                                                     Chris Orton - recorders


TURN OF THE MOON [2001]                                            29th March 2001 Birmingham Institute of Art

4 min                                                                                       saxophone quartet (S,A,T,Bar.)

                                                                                                and Design. Cosmopolitan Quartet

                                                                                                15th Oct 2003, Civic Hall, Stratford,



IN THE WHITE HOURS [2001]                                         31st October 2001, Barber Institute,

shakuhachi, percussion, violin,                                         Birmingham,

piano                                                                                      Ensemble Tozai

3-5min                                                    Selected from spnm call for pieces


IN THE WHITE HOURS [2002]                                         27th March 2003, Birmingham Conservatoire,

version for alto sax, percussion,                                        Noszferatu


3-5 min.


UNDER YOUR BREATH [2003]                                        13th Feb, 17th June 2003 Coventry University

for 3 musicians and 3 dancers                                            25th June 2003, Birmingham Conservatoire

10-15 mins                                                                             choreographed by Sela Kiek                             


NIGHT-MUSIC [2003]                                                         16th October 2003 Stratford Town Hall

for violin and piano                                                             Alexandra Wood – vln, Huw Watkins pno

13 mins                                                                                   16th June 2004 Guesten Hall, Bromsgrove

                                                                                                Linda Hannah-Andersson-vln, Patrick


12th Jan 2005 Guesten Hall, Bromsgrove

Alexandra Wood – vln, Huw Watkins pno

commissioned by Stratford on Avon Music Festival with funds

from Arts Council England


DRACO [2003]                                                                      19th November 2003 Guesten Hall,

For solo percussion                                                             Bromsgrove Dave Price, Noszferatu

8 mins                                                                                    25th June 2007 Alonso Mendoza Birmingham


commissioned by Bromsgrove Concerts 2003,

funded by West Midlands Arts under the terms of the Regional Arts Lottery Programme,

on behalf of the Arts Council of England


SHE LOOKS UP [2002]                                                        5th July 2002, 8th December 2002 CBSO

for mixed ensemble                                                              Centre,

                                                                                                BCMG dir. Peter Wiegold


NOT MUCH [2003]                                                              4th Nov. 2003, The Edge, Much Wenlock

For flute, oboe, viola and harp                                           Sound Inventors - Shropshire Project


ORISHA OSHUN [2005]                                                     20th May 2005 Adrian Boult Hall, Birmingham

soprano saxophone solo with                                            Emily Smith – soprano sax with Birmingham sax sextet and percussion                                                     Conservatoire Saxophone Ensemble

7 mins


IRIS OF SKY [2005]                                                             1st June 2005 CBSO Centre, Birmingham

fl, cl, hn, perc, vln, vc                                                          BCMG cond. Edwin Roxburgh

6 mins


NARIXA [2006]                                                                    July 2006 Recital Hall, Birmingham

bass clarinet and trombone                                                Conservatoire Ronald Woodley - bass cl.

10 mins                                                                                   David Purser – trombone


GRZIMEK’S FLY [2007]                                                      March 6 2007 Wapping Power Station

solo harp                                                                               Spotlight Series Ruth Wall - harp

8 mins


LUPUS [2008]

marimba solo

6 mins


O VIRTUS [2008]

sax quartet (AATT)

3 ½ mins



FLIADEM [2001]                                                                   November 8th 2001, Birm. Conservatoire

solo flute with live electronics                                           Lindsay Martin - flute

7 min.


IRIDACEAE [2002]                                                              May 2nd 2002, Durham University

for solo violin with live electronics                                   Mieko Kanno - violin

6 min.                                                                                      Nov 20th 2002, Birmingham Conservatoire

June 25th, 2003

Dec 14th 2005 David Chadwick – violin, Liz Johnson – electronics

29th Oct 2007, Birmingham Conservatoire

31st Oct 2007 The Warehouse, London

Lucy Russell – violin, Liz Johnson - electronics

selected by spnm from call for pieces


AND I SEE THE CLOUDS [2004]                     

for string orchestra

Highly Commended - spnm call for works 2003


DES BRANCHES DU JARDIN [2001]                               27th October 2001, Pebble Mill, Birmingham

for chamber orchestra                                                         BCMG, cond. Pierre-Andre Valade

fl +pic./alto, oboe, cl.+bass cl., horn, tpt,

trb, 2xperc., hp, pf, 2x vln, vla, vc, db

10 min.


DE L’HERBE QUI S’ÉVEILLE [2001]                 February 17th 2002, RNCM

for 11 string players                                                             March 2nd 2002, Wolverhampton

(6,2,2,1)                                                                                  Goldberg Ensemble, cond. Malcolm Layfield

6 min.                                     

Selected from spnm call for pieces


TWO LANDSCAPES [2003]                                              June 03, Birmingham Conservatoire Sinfonia

for soprano solo and symphony orchestra                     workshop

6 min.


WILD MAN DANCES part 1[2005]                  29th November 05, Maida Vale Studios

for symphony orchestra                                                     BBC Symphony Orchestra cond. Zsolt Nagy



THREE LOVES [1992]                                                          July 1992, Glastonbury                             

3 songs for 3 sopranos                                                       9th December 1998, Birmingham Cons.

7 min.                                                                                      - Linda Smith, Clare McDouall, Liz Johnson

                                                                15th May 2000, Birmingham Cons.

                                                                                                - Sarah Busfield, Asa Johansson, Carolin                                                                                                        Jonsson

                                                                                                28th May 2000, Birmingham Museum and Art                                                                                                Gallery – Alchemy

                                                                        17th Oct 2007 Birmingham Artsfest

                                                                                                14th Oct 2008 Birmingham Artsfest

The Rose Tree


NESCIENS MATER [2000]                                

for unaccompanied male quartet                                      

(counter-tenor, 2 tenors, baritone)

selected by spnm from call for pieces

O VOS (vocal version) [2000]                                             28th May, 2000, Birmingham Museum and

for three sopranos                                                               Art Gallery, BBC Music Live Festival

3 min.                                                                15th October, 2000, Birmingham Conservatoire

                                                                                                4th July, 2001, Cheltenham College Chapel                                                                                                     - Alchemy

                                                                        4th June 2006 Cargo Club, London – Juice

                                                                                                13th, 14th Sept 2008 Birmingham Artsfest


SLEEP CLOSE [1999]                                                           29th March 2000, Birmingham Cons.

song for soprano and piano                                               5th and 6th May 2000, Stadtwaage Hall,                                                                                                          Musikschule, Cuxhaven. Debbie Bennett -sop.                                                                                              Robert Birchall - piano

                                                                        29th June 2000, Adrian Boult Hall

                                                                                                27th June 2001, B.Cons. Sarah Busfield - sop.                                                                                                Patrick McBeth - piano

                                                                                                January 22nd 2002 Clare and David Lesser

                                                                                                The Warehouse, London

selected for spnm shortlist 2001-2004


SKEINS O GEESE [2002]                                                      25th June 2003, Birmingham Conservatoire

for soprano and piano                                                         Marie Pelo – mezzo, Liz Johnson - piano

6 min.


ELEPHANT WOMAN [2001]                                            5th December 2001, Birmingham

for solo soprano                                                                   Conservatoire Katherine Bagshawe

2 min.                                                                                      12th March 2002, BMIC, London – Clare Lesser


                                                                                                17th January 2009 CBSO Centre - Eileen Hulse, BCMG

PIG – 2 songs for Baritone

PIG [2002]                                                              29th May, 2002, Birmingham Conservatoire

                for baritone and toy glockenspiel                     James Jones

                2 min.                                                                      14th Oct 03, Stratford Town Hall

                                                                                                Roderick Williams and Simon Lepper

                WEE WIFEY [2002]                                             25th June 2003, Birmingham Conservatoire      

for baritone and piano                                         James Jones – baritone, Michael Higgins – piano, 14th Oct 2003, Stratford Town Hall

                                                                                                Roderick Williams and Simon Lepper

31st July 2005, Tardibigge English Song Festival, John Lofthouse-baritone, Caroline Dowdle-piano



CABBAGE DREAMS [2002, revised 2005]                      19th June 2002, Birmingham Conservatoire

for tenor and piano                                                              (original version for soprano) Sarah Busfield -

6 min.                                                                                      sop. Liz Johnson -piano



LAETARE CANTUARIA   [1987]                                     July 1988, Canterbury Cathedral,

anthem for unaccompanied Chamber Choir                     April 1989, Kingston Parish Church

4 min.                                                                  Orlando Singers

                                                                                                31st March 04 Spadesbourne Hall, Bromsgrove

                                                                        Ionian Singers, cond. Timothy Salter


MAGNIFICAT AND NUNC DIMITIS [1989] August 1989, Worcester Cathedral  

for choir and organ                                                              August 1991, Canterbury Cathedral                

8 min.                                                                                      August 1993, Gloucester Cathedral 

Orlando Singers, dir. Peter Johnson

Highly Commended - spnm call for works 2002


PRECES AND RESPONSES [1991]                    August 1991, Canterbury Cathedral                                                                                                                 August 1992, Chester Cathedral                                                                                                                        August 1993, Gloucester Cathedral

                                                                                                - Orlando Singers, dir. Peter Johnson


SONGS OF LOVE [1991]                                                     July 1992, Glastonbury                                                      

songs of birth, love and death for                                    Orlando Singers

unaccompanied Chamber Choir                                         10th May 1999, St. Chad’s Cathedral

7 min.                                                                                      Birmingham- B. Conservatoire Chamber Choir

18th March 2001, Birmingham Conservatoire

                                                                                                - Paradise Singers                                               


DE PROFUNDIS   [1993]                                                    August 1992, Chester Cathedral                                         anthem for choir and organ                                                - Orlando Singers

5 min.


O QUAM DULCIS [1993]                                   August 1993, Gloucester Cathedral

anthem for unaccompanied Double Choir                       - Orlando Singers; 21st January 2001,

3 min.                                                                                      St.George’s Edgbaston - Chamberlain Singers


ACCIPE CORONAM [2001]                                               28th Feb. 2001, Birmingham Conservatoire,

anthem (SSA)                                                                       6th June 2001, “    “

3 min.                                                                                      The Birds, dir. Liz Johnson


AVE MARIS STELLA [2002]                                               26th March 2003, Birmingham Conservatoire

for SATB unaccompanied                                                  Composers’ Ensemble Choir, dir. Liz Johnson


SECOND EVENING SERVICE [2002]                                1st March 2003, Hampton Court Palace,

for SATB unaccompanied                                                  Landmark Centre, Teddington

7 min.                                                             Church Colleges Choir Festival 2003

27th March, B.Cons. Composers’ Ensemble Choir

Salisbury Cathedral and Christ Church Oxford

Collegium Vocale

Commissioned by the Magnificat Project 2001


O SEND OUT THY LIGHT [2002]                                      27th Nov 2005, Church of St. Mary

for SATB unaccompanied                                                    Magdalene Tanworth, Combined Choirs dir.

3 min.                                                                                       Anne Ellis


HILDEGARD GAMES 2 [2003]                                            26th March 2003, Birmingham Conservatoire

for mixed voices                                                                     Composers’ Ensemble Choir


MISSA BREVIS    [2003]                                                    

10 min.

Highly Commended - spnm call for works 2003


MOON INCANTATIONS [2003]                                        29th March 2003, St.Paul’s, Hockley,

5 pieces for mixed choir                                                        19th June 2004, St.Paul’s, Hockley

16min.                                                                            Bournville Children’s Choir

Finalist for the British Composer Awards 2003

written for the “Adopt-a-Composer” scheme 2002

( funded by the PRS Foundation, Making Music and spnm)


LULLAY MY LIKING [1995]                                              December 2007

S solo SATB with piano/organ                                          Bournville Young Singers

2 mins


THE LONG SKY [2007]                                                       17th Oct 2007 Birmingham Artsfest

3 mins                                                                                     13th Sept 2008 Birmingham Artsfest




SSAATTBB unaccompanied




NEGATIVE ATTITUDE      [1999]                                     9th November, 8th Dec 1999, 25th May 2000

unaccompanied choir                                                          Birmingham Cons.

2 min.                                                                                      Thallein Vocal Ensemble


FOREVER... [1999]                                                               9th November, 8th Dec. 1999

unaccompanied choir                                                          Birmingham Cons.

3 min.                                                                                      Thallein Vocal Ensemble


TWO PAGES [2000]                                                            22nd April 2000 CBSO Centre, Birmingham

ballet music for sextet                                                          Making Work Ensemble (11-18 year olds)

15 min.                                                                                    Tom Millar - double bass


HILDEGARD GAMES [2000]                                             11th November, 2000, The Custard Factory,

for COMA Chamber Ensemble                                          Birmingham; 23rd July, 2001, Bretton Hall

6 min.                                                                                      - COMA Ensemble


SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL [2001]                                         28th Feb. 2001, 6th June, Birmingham

for unaccompanied voices                                                                 Conservatoire, The Birds, dir. Liz Johnson

2 min.


TO THE YEW TREE [2001]                                                15th December 2001, The Crescent Theatre

for mixed ensemble (COMA)                                              21st July 2002, Bretton Hall, Yorks.

15+ players                                                                            8th Sept 2002, Waterhall Gallery, Birmingham

5 min.                                                                                      COMA Birmingham


THE MUD BATH [2002]                                                     27th October, 2002, Tate Liverpool, COMA

for mixed ensemble                                                              10th Dec, 2002 Waterhall Gallery, Birmingham

5+ players                                                                              14th May 2003, Mixing Music Festival,

3-6 min.                                                                  Guesten Hall, Bromsgrove

Winner of Tate Liverpool call for pieces


THE DREAM MAKER [2005]                                            16th June 2005, The Civic Hall, Bedworth.

Songs for voice, keyboards, flute, soundbeam               Rainbow Sunshine Company

and sampler          


TWO CELEBRATORY SONGS OF SINGING 11th March 2006, Adrian Boult Hall,

[2005]                                                                                     Birmingham Bournville Young Singers, dir.

for children’s choir and piano                                            Ann Ellis 20th May 2006, 15th July 2006.


Commissioned by the Bournville Young Singers

 in celebration of their 20th Anniversary