Liz Johnson Composer

'evocative in subtle tonal and textural colours' Guardian

'string sonoristics...beautifully crafted' The Independent 

Intricate Web CD 

'engaging… magnificent…intense moments broken up by the playful.' Review Corner 

'It is quite simply beautiful… marvellous…' MusicWebInternational 

'quicksilver changes of timbre colouring…Much of the music has a refreshing "openness" in texture…rhythmic figures seem to breed and multiply like changing light on water …capable of expressing the richest musical message' TonalitySystemsPress


'breath-taking...a major composer deserving wide recognition' CDUniverse 


Liz Johnson audio

Gigerlette for voice percussion bass clarinet and violin (2014)

String Quartet No 2 For Elliott: Part 1 (1999)

Tide Purl - miniature for string quartet (2013) 

O Vos for three alto saxophones (2001) 

Iridaceae for violin and live electronics (2002) 

Cello Suite excerpts (2015)                                                                           

Intricate Web CD taster

Colwall Requiem for Aleppo  excerpts (2017)